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When you think of a traditional Polish breakfast, many things come to mind! From the aromatic rye bread to delicious fried kielbasa sausages, to fragrant bulka z rodzynkami dotted with raisins.

But more importantly, did you know that we Poles have breakfast two times? The first time it’s usually early in the morning and is called Śniadanie. The second Polish breakfast is usually around 11 am and is called drugie śniadanie.

The smaller breakfast is usually more of a snack and often consists of boiled or deviled eggs, kanapka, or other Polish breakfast foods.

Kanapka are typical Polish breakfast open-faced sandwiches that are guaranteed to make your mouth water. They’re eaten not just for breakfast, but also for lunch or snacks!

Scrambled eggs are another Polish breakfast recipe that’s eaten every Sunday. And you can’t complete your list of Polish breakfast recipes without including pasta jajeczna, smoked mackerel spread, smarowildo spread, and so many more delicious dishes!

Ready to dive in? Just pick one of these many delicious Polish breakfast recipes to try!