Category: Polish Alcoholic Drinks

Let’s face it- alcohol plays a big part in Polish culture. It has its pros and cons.

What are the advantages? When added to food, it gives them a unique flavor (especially when it comes to cakes).

There are some traditions connected to Polish alcoholic drinks, for example welcoming the newlyweds by their moms with bread, salt, and a shot of vodka.

What’s more, a moderate intake of alcoholic drinks can actually be good for health. It also reduces the stress level.

Many Poles still believe that the only way to truly trust a person is to get drunk together.

What are the disadvantages? Well, alcoholism is a huge problem in Poland. It’s socially acceptable to get drunk when you have a problem while visiting a psychiatrist or psychologist makes you weird in the eyes of the older generation.

Thankfully, it’s changing now.

The second con of alcoholic drinks is that many Poles simply don’t know how to drink them right. When they drink too much, they become aggressive or unconscious.

Anyway, there is nothing wrong with Polish liquors, as long as they are being used wisely.

Some of the most popular Polish alcoholic drinks are:

  • vodka (wódka)
  • beer (piwo)
  • nalewki (liqueurs), including:
    • nalewka wiśniowa (cherry liqueur)
    • nalewka z pigwy (quince liqueur)
    • cytrynówka (lemon liqueur)
    • malinówka (raspberry liqueur)
    • orzechowka (walnut liqueur)
    • anyżówka (anise liqueur)
    • nalewka z aronii (chokeberry liqueur)
  • miód pitny (mead)
  • wine (made of any kind of fruits)
  • grzaniec (mulled wine or beer)
  • cider (cydr)

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