Category: Pork

You can’t enjoy a Polish meal without being offered at least one dish made from pork. From our tasty kielbasa, and other types of sausages, to the pork lard used for frying, pork is everywhere!

Polish pork recipes can range from simple and easy fried potatoes with bacon or makaron z kielbasa to the elegant schab ze śliwką, zimne nogi, or ozory w galarecie.

For hearty weekend meals to feed the entire family and friends, Polish pork dishes such as gołąbki casserole, kotlety mielone, or goulash. And you’ll hear the mallets pounding schabowy cutlets in homes across Poland on Sundays!

Smalec on toast is a nice snack for summer, while kartoflanka soup is will keep you warm in winter! Prunes wrapped in bacon is a Polish pork recipe that’ll make the snack platter at your dinner party look impressive!

Whether it’s for a regular meal or a celebration, whether it’s for a summer or winter, there are always some finger-licking delicious Polish pork recipes to enjoy!