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Traditional Polish desserts are unlike any you’ve eaten!

Ranging from Polish classic desserts like pączki to kołaczki to authentic Polish dessert recipes like amoniaczki cookies or leśny mech (moss cake), there’s always some unheard-of Polish dessert recipe that you must try.

My friends and family love tasting the desserts I make for them. So let me take you also on an adventure to explore traditional Polish dessert recipes from different regions of Poland.

You can start with the easy Polish desserts like kisiel and the oponki that the kids love. Or jump into the look-a-likes of commercially produced Polish-style desserts, the homemade krówka candy or the andrut wafer cakes.

Don’t have an oven? Placek jogurtowy or chatka puchatka are easy Polish dessert recipes that you can make without ovens!

Want to start your Polish foodie journey with something popular Polish desserts? Try the miodownik honey cake, róże karnawałowe, krepliki serowe and a dozen different ways to make mazurek!

This Polish desserts list has everything from simple Polish desserts to rare Polish desserts recipes that are pure heaven!