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Is Kielbasa Healthy? Polish Sausage Nutrition Facts

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Grilled kielbasa.
Grilled kielbasa

Even the healthiest kiełbasa has some amount of fat, carbs, or salt that you may not like. But with a taste that satisfies your hunger or reduces your hangovers, it’s worth adding Polish sausages to your diet! 

Kielbasa History

There are many kinds of kiełbasa. Made for a few centuries, Polish sausages were traditionally handmade from pork, but chicken, turkey, beef, veal, or other meats were also used regionally.

There are a few Protected Geographical Indications for kielbasa, such as the kiełbasa biała parzona wielkopolska or the kiełbasa lisiecka. The kielbasa weselna isfamous at Polish weddings, while the kielbasa krakowska is popular in many European countries.

Different types of sausages.
Different types of sausages

See also my post about the best side dishes for kiełbasa.

Polish Sausage Nutrition Facts

But is kielbasa good for weight loss? Are the Polish sausage calories average or too much? Should I and my family indulge in Polish sausages or skip them altogether? 

Are the famous kaszanka, krakowska, or kabanos sausages better than other Polish sausages? How do I find out if kielbasa is good or bad for me? We’ve done a bit of research and here’s the answer!

Is Kielbasa Bad For You?

They say Polish kielbasa has twice the amount of calories as chicken or turkey or sausages. So some may rate it high on a sausages-to-avoid list! 

Too much of anything is bad for you in the wrong quantity, be it good or bad. So if you eat too much of it, even the healthiest kielbasa will have bad effects! Be considerate of the portions you eat, and kielbasa will become an effective part of your diet. 

Kielbasa and cheese.
Kielbasa and cheese

Also, many of the modern-day sausages are processed meat, and that is bad! Those sausages are high in nitrates, sodium, and saturated fat. 

Buy sausages that have been locally made by grinding or cutting pork meat and use natural hog casings, and you’ll savor the difference!

Is Kielbasa Good For You?

Is Polish sausage healthy? Let’s look at a few good reasons to include Polish kielbasa in your diet. 

1. Full of Nutrients And Minerals

Potassium, selenium, Vitamin A, iron, Vitamin B12, and many more nutrients are found in pork meat. Look at kielbasa nutrition charts and you’ll see that when cured, these vital amines and minerals still remain in the kielbasa. So is kielbasa healthy? Definitely!

Grilled kielbasa.
Grilled kielbasa

2. Meat Protein 

A 2-ounce (56-gram) serving of kielbasa contains upwards of 8 grams of protein. That’s a good amount of muscle-building and slimming down right there! Everyone knows that if you want to tone your body and slim down, you need to eat more protein. So grab that kielbasa, but for a change boil it or grill it instead of frying!

3. No Gluten

Does kielbasa have gluten? In most cases, no! That alone makes it a great choice for celiacs and individuals allergic to gluten. Just make sure the sausages have been processed in a gluten-free farm or facility. 

White kielbasa sausages.
Traditional Polish kielbasa is gluten-free!

4. Fends Off Hangovers 

Kielbasa and eggs are often served at breakfast after Polish weddings. Why? Because they’re believed to be a hangover cure! High in phosphorus, the pork meat in sausages helps to sustain kidney functions. So a full breakfast of eggs and sausages is the perfect meal after a night of heavy drinking. 

5. No Carbs

There are almost no carbs in kielbasa! Since the sausages are made from pork fat, skin, and meat, they don’t contain any carbohydrates. Any carbs that exist in kielbasa come solely from the flavorings, spices, or binders used. 

That means you’ll hardly find a gram or two of carbs in a kielbasa. If you’re trying to reduce your fiber intake, this is one of the kielbasa nutrition facts you’ll love!

Of course, if you love carbs and are trying to put on weight, this delicious makaron z kielbasa recipe will be perfect for you!

Is Kielbasa Keto? Can I Eat Sausages On A Keto Diet?

It depends!

The keto diet involves eating meats, cheese, nuts, and other protein-rich foods. Based on that, sausages are keto-friendly. But again it depends on which sausages.

Sausages made with processed meat may contain additives, binding agents, or carbohydrates that shouldn’t be eaten on the keto diet. If in doubt, check the labels on the back.

But most naturally made pork or meat sausages are keto-friendly. So be sure to include those in your diet!

What Dishes Can You Make With Kielbasa?

Zurek in a sourdough bread bowl.
Zurek in a sourdough bread bowl

If you’ve come to terms with the kielbasa calories, here are a few dishes that you can make with kielbasa sausages!

Read also this post to find out how to cook kiełbasa (follow the link).

What other facts about kielbasa sausages do you know? Comment and let us know!

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