Category: Gluten-Free

From pierogi to podplomyki, Polish food is rich in gluten. We love our dumplings, and our bread and cakes!

But have you ever wondered, what Polish food is gluten-free? If you or a family member have found out that they’re a celiac, many traditional Polish foods soon seem off limit!

But there are many gluten-free Polish recipes that you can enjoy! In fact, if you visit Poland, you might also find some restaurants with a bezglutenowe menu. That’s gluten-free in Polish!

From the tasty placki ziemniaczane and crunchy krowka candy to the traditional kwasnica soup or the simple surowka z pora, you’ll find many gluten-free Polish food dishes available!

So don’t worry! We’ve got you covered for the zupa pieczarkowa or the golonka po poznansku, and many other gluten-free recipes!