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I am a happy mom and wife!

Hi, I'm Karolina Klesta!

I’ve been traveling the world for the past couple of years. Every time I am abroad, I miss Polish food. Traditional bread, pierogi, pickled veggies are food I love most about my homeland’s cuisine.

I started this blog from the love of Polish food. I am sharing with you the most authentic Polish recipes that I’ve taken from my grandmas, moms, and aunties.

If you want to read more about my travels, check out my travel blog. I also run a blog about traveling to Poland – Travel Poland.

Recent Recipes

Polish Ammonia cookies.

Polish Ammonia Cookies Recipe [Amoniaczki]

Amoniaczki are Polish ammonia cookies that turn light and crispy. Bringing back childhood memories, these buttery amoniaczki cookies are fun to make with kids too! Memories Of Amoniaczki & My Babcia

Mole mound cake in a plate.

Mole Mound Cake Recipe [Kopiec Kreta]

Easier to make than it looks, the Polish mole mound cake or kopiec kreta is delicious! Make this cake for celebrations or simply for an indulgent dessert! What Is Kopiec Kreta