Authentic Polish PACZKI DAY recipes...

...That You'll Want To Use All-Year Long (Not Only For Fat Tuesday)!

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Do you want to learn how to make delicious Polish pączki?

You’ll be surprised that there are many kinds of Polish donuts. Some of them are made from unusual ingredients such as potatoes or pumpkin!

Polish Fat Thursday Cookbook includes 12 authentic Polish recipes for the Pączki Day not only for donuts but also for chruściki (angel wing cookies), rosettes, and more. 

Do you like pączki?

Whether you’re a fan of Polish pączki or other deep-fried sweets, the Polish Fat Thursday Cookbook will take you on a spectacular culinary tour that will stimulate your taste buds. 

From delicious donuts to impressive carnival rosettes, this cookbook will show you the best that Polish cuisine has to offer for Fat Tuesday. And all that with a personal touch and evocative storytelling – the authors share their love for food, their family stories and information about the dishes’ rich cultural background. Karolina and Patryk open the door of their kitchen and invite you for a captivating culinary journey – come in!

Reviews & Testimonials

Krepliki serowe, Polish Silesian donuts.

Every foodie loves the idea of trying new flavors and eating national dishes from different parts of the world. This cookbook offers an authentic glimpse behind the door of Polish kitchens. The authors, Karolina and Patryk Klesta, welcome you into their personal cookhouse to share not only delicious recipes but also their love for food, the story of their family, and an insight into the Polish culture and tradition.

Fat Thursday or Fat Tuesday?

Did you know that Pączki Day is celebrated in Poland on the last Thursday before Lent?

In other countries (including the US), it’s celebrated on Tuesday. Why do Poles celebrate so early? You will find an answer to this question in the Polish Fat Thursday Cookbook.

In this illustrated cookbook, you’ll find recipes like:

Traditional Polish Pączki

Silesian Pączki

Kuyavian Pączki

Chruściki (Angel Wing Cookies)

Oponki (Cottage Cheese Donuts)

…and more!

This cookbook will inspire you to discover recipes to impress your friends or new favorites to share with loved ones not only on Fat Tuesday. It’s a great choice for cooking with the kids! And all the recipes have been tried and tested.

Here's what's included:

Mouth-watering, 12 recipes for Fat Tuesday that you may use all-year-round.

Easy to get your hands on – the book will reach you in an electronic form right after the purchase (e-book version). We offer a paperback version as well with estimated delivery time of 2 weeks.

Simple, straightforward instructions. Most of the dishes can be prepared with very little experience.

The authors gathered recipes passed on in their families through generations. As a result, you are guaranteed that all the recipes have been tried and tested, and the instructions and proportions are perfectly balanced. This cookbook will give you a taste of authentic cuisine enjoyed through centuries.

Get your hands on these authentic
Polish Fat Tuesday recipes!

A woman in a red apron is preparing Polish dumplings.

About the Author

The author Karolina Klesta, and her husband Patryk, were both born and raised in Poland. They have been using recipes passed on in their families through generations. This cookbook will give you a taste of authentic, regional cooking enjoyed through the centuries.

The authors’ blog and a Facebook group on Polish cuisine are already followed and loved by thousands of people and are growing every day.

What you can expect:

Easy and fast purchase – the book will reach you in an electronic form right after the purchase (paperback version will arrive by post).

Intuitive, straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions which are achievable for any home cook; all the dishes can be prepared with very little practice and patience.

Mouth-watering, color photos provided with every recipe, making the book not only practical to use but also visually appealing.

A history of celebrating Fat Thursday in Poland and interesting facts about this day called Tłusty Czwartek in Polish.

Polish donuts covered with glaze.

This delicious collection of authentic Polish Fat Tuesday recipes will give you a fascinating insight into the national heritage of Poles. It shows their love for food and sharing and introduces typical flavors and ingredients used in every household for Fat Thursday

Are you ready for instant access to these
authentic Polish Pączki Day recipes, perfected over generations?