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I am a happy mom and wife!

Hi, I'm Karolina Klesta!

I’ve been traveling the world for the past couple of years. Every time I am abroad, I miss Polish food. Traditional bread, pierogi, pickled veggies are food I love most about my homeland’s cuisine.

I started this blog from the love of Polish food. I am sharing with you the most authentic Polish recipes that I’ve taken from my grandmas, moms, and aunties.

If you want to read more about my travels, check out my travel blog. I also run a blog about traveling to Poland – Travel Poland.

Recent Recipes

No bake plum cake.

No-Bake Plum Cake Recipe

This no-bake plum cake with a soft spongy base is perfect for days when you want an easy-to-make dessert. Tangy plums and sweet cream topped with almond flakes taste absolutely

Grochowka soup in a white bowl.

Polish Split Pea Soup Grochowka Recipe

Grochowka (groh-hoov-kah) is one of the most famous soups in Poland. After eating a bowl, you will be full for a few hours. Traditional Polish split pea soup recipe will

A plate with makowiec (recipe) and pine branches on it.

Polish Poppy Seed Roll Makowiec Recipe

A prominent feature at the Polish tables, the Polish poppy seed bread covered with sugar frosting or chocolate is really toothsome. Makowiec recipe is surprisingly easy! Memories Of Poppy Seeds