Discover authentic, diverse Polish cuisine. Grandma's recipes written by a native Pole.

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Hi, I'm Karolina Klesta!

I’ve been traveling the world for the past couple of years. Every time I am abroad, I miss Polish food. Traditional bread, pierogi, pickled veggies are food I love most about my homeland’s cuisine.

I started this blog from the love of Polish food. I am sharing with you the most authentic Polish recipes that I’ve taken from my grandmas, moms, and aunties.

If you want to read more about my travels, check out my travel blog. I also run a blog about traveling to Poland – Travel Poland.

Recent Recipes

A plate with a piece of apple pie on it, drizzled with apple cinnamon.

Apple Cinnamon Babka Recipe

Babka is a popular sweetened bread that can be found all across Poland. There are many variants to babka. One really easy recipe to make is the apple cinnamon babka.

Three slices of chocolate bread on a blue plate, showcasing polish cuisine.

Murzynek Polish Chocolate Cake Recipe

The Polish chocolate cake recipe is really simple. That’s the main reason murzynek cake is so popular in Poland. It’s quick to make and the frosting is a side product

A homemade Metrowiec, partially cut, revealing a yellow sponge interior.

Metrowiec – Polish Meter-Long Cake Recipe

The Polish metrowiec cake, often referred to as the meter-long cake, is a delightful dessert that holds a special place in Polish culinary tradition. Known for its distinctive appearance and

A plate with makowiec (recipe) and pine branches on it.

Polish Poppy Seed Roll Makowiec Recipe

A prominent feature at the Polish tables, the Polish poppy seed bread covered with sugar frosting or chocolate is really toothsome. Makowiec recipe is surprisingly easy! Memories Of Poppy Seeds