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Mouthwatering Polish Puddings You Need To Try! (+ Recipes)

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Two bowls of Polish puddings, one chocolate and one vanilla, with a spoon on the side.

People in Poland love home-cooked meals. This includes a nice dessert at the end. While there are loads of different Polish dessert recipes that you can try, Polish puddings are great if you need to whip up something sweet quickly. Budyń or kisiel can be made in just under 10 minutes! They are also healthy when they are made at home.

Most Polish puddings use milk and fruits in them. 

Here are some of the best recipes for the Polish puddings!

1. Budyń

Budyn is a delicious Polish pudding.
Budyn is a delicious Polish pudding.

Budyn is a quick and easy Polish pudding. It literally takes just five minutes to make. This is why it is such a favorite in Polish households. 

This thick rich Polish pudding is made using milk, eggs, vanilla extract, and potato starch. Sugar acts as a sweetener. 

Interestingly enough most people today prefer to buy instant budyń packet and make it. The instant packets however do not taste as great and are not healthy at all. This is because they have a lot of preservatives added in. Oddly, the time taken to make the budyn via premix and to actually cook with all the ingredients is actually the same. Try my budyn recipe and see for yourself. 

2. Kisiel

Polish kisiel dessert.
Polish kisiel dessert with sour cream

Kisiel is a Polish pudding that is formed by thickening fruit kompot with potato starch. It becomes a nice viscous dessert. The kompot gives the pudding a fresh and tangy taste. When served cold the kisiel is very refreshing. 

Like budyn, you also get instant kisiel mixes. These aren’t as good as the homemade version and they take about the same time to make. The longest part of my kisiel recipe is waiting for it to cool, which is the same as the instant kisiel mixes. Plus homemade kisiel is so much healthier. If you have time, you can make the kompot at home too.

3. Kogel Mogel

Kogel Mogel is an egg-based dessert that is popular in Poland as well as in other parts of Europe. This dessert resembles eggnog but is much thicker in consistency. With a total preparation time of 10 minutes, this is one of the quickest Polish pudding recipes to make at home.

All this recipe requires is egg yolks, honey or sugar. Additional ingredients may include cocoa, and rum or vodka. The ingredients for this recipe are whisked together till they are thick and creamy. Rum and all the other optional ingredients are added only after the desired consistency is reached. 

Kogel Mogel is best served cold. 

4. Polish Apple Dessert 

Apple dessert in glassware.
Apple dessert ready to serve!

Polish apple dessert is another ultra-quick dessert to make. It just requires 10 minutes of preparation time. Unlike the other recipes that we have talked about, the Polish apple dessert recipe requires 4 hours of refrigeration time. This is why you need to start making this pudding well in advance.

While you can use any kind of apples for the apple jelly, the best Polish pudding is made from table or dessert apples. Polish Ligot, Granny Smith, Gala, and Fuji apples are great picks. If you check out my Polish apple dessert recipe, you will see that making jelly is really easy. The results are delicious too.

5. Semolina Porridge 

Semolina porridge is one of the easiest Polish puddings to make.
Semolina porridge is one of the easiest Polish puddings to make.

Semolina porridge is another very easy Polish pudding to make. It takes just 5 minutes to make. All you need for the semolina porridge recipe is semolina and milk. The sweetness of the pudding is usually provided by syrups, chocolate, cinnamon powder, and jams that are added as toppings. A few people even add sugar.

Additional ingredients that you can add to the semolina porridge are nuts and fruits. You can use both fresh and dry fruits for this. It all depends on availability. Not only is the semolina pudding recipe easy to make, the ingredients are also cheap and easily available throughout the year. This is why it is a popular favorite in many households.

6. Kaszanka Polish Black Pudding

Kaszanka or Polish black pudding gets its name from the dark black color that it has after the pudding is set. Kaszanka is made using pork meat. Typically people use organ meat for this. Other ingredients that are used in this recipe are buckwheat or barley and pork blood.

Unlike many of the other types of Polish pudding, Kaszanka is stuffed into an intestine casing and cooked. It is then sliced into rings and enjoyed in sandwiches. This could be traditional sandwiches or open-faced sandwiches. Another way to enjoy Kaszanka is by grilling them on a barbecue.

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