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Are you a fan of traditional Polish cuisine? Or maybe you just like the crispness and incomparable smell of freshly baked bread, and are looking for inspiration to take it to the next level?

The Polish Bread Cookbook will teach you the fundamentals of artisan bread making and take you on a ​​culinary tour that will stimulate your taste buds. The book features recipes accompanied by yummy photos to provide you with visual guidance and inspiration.

Karolina, the author of the book, shares her knowledge and expertise, presenting the 30 most authentic, perfectly curated Polish bread and buns recipes, as well as baking techniques and useful tips. She has been learning her craft of baking over years, and topped up her experience with a special bread-baking course she took back in the spring of 2022. 

Get inspired by those delicious traditional recipes and bring joy to all your friends and family!

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a sneak peek into Polish Bread Cookbook!:

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There is nothing like a fresh, hot bread loaf with a crunchy crust that has just come out of the oven. It is even more appealing when it is made with your own hands! Whether it’s your lifetime passion or a new hobby, this cookbook will help you learn baking techniques and discover exciting new recipes for delicious Polish breads and buns.

This delightful collection of traditional baked goods recipes will also give you an insight into preferences and tastes of Polish people. How do they like their bread? What type of flavours and spices are they fond of? What peculiar ingredients do they use in their breads?

The recipes are easy to follow and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Welcome the little ones in your cooking space, get the aprons ready, and bond over fun baking activities!

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A recipe from the Cookbook for Polish Bread - Murzynek, including ingredients, preparation time, and step-by-step baking instructions.

Printable version of each recipe – you can print it easily before cooking to add it to your recipe book or just protect your book from kitchen dust

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10+ Videos with instructions for the recipes with additional tips to make your breads even better

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What you will find in the Polish Bread Cookbook?

  • About the authors

A brief chapter telling an inspiring story of the authors of the book. Learn about their roots, and find out where their passion for traditional Polish cuisine came from!

  • Intro

Extensive introduction, featuring useful tips and information related to baking bread. Find out about:


What is the role of gluten in making bread? Can traditional Polish breads be made gluten-free?


What is the function of yeast? How do you activate it and make it grow faster?


How do you make your bread crust crispier? What temperature do you use for baking bread?


What is the best way to store baked goods? How do you freeze and defrost them?


How long can bread be stored, and do you have to throw the whole loaf away, when you see the first signs of mould? Why was the rye bread so popular amongst soldiers? 

  • Recipes

Bread is a real staple in our diet – no wonder there is such a variety to choose from. In this cookbook, you will find 30 recipes for authentic Polish bread and buns, including:

Polish Sourdough Rye Bread and Polish Sourdough Multigrain Bread, perfect for more health-conscious foodies. These naturally fermented loaves give you a perfect combination of strong flavor, crispy crust, and appealing texture.

– Impressive and visually appealing Polish Bread Bowl, perfect for serving dishes like soups. And if you are a big fan of soups, check out our “Polish Soups Cookbook” – full of mouth-watering, heritage recipes.

– Traditional breads with a twist – original recipes for baked goods with unconventional fillings, such as Polish Sauerkraut Bread, Polish Potato Bread and Bread Stuffed With Sausage. A real explosion of flavors and textures!

– For those with a sweet tooth, the book includes recipes for Polish Easter Bread With Dried Fruits, Polish Sweet Cheese Buns and – one of the most sought-after pastries in Poland – Polish Blueberry Buns, especially popular in the summer months! 

Perfectly baked Polish overnight bread ready to be served.
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Perfectly baked Polish potato bread.
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Woman in blue sweater presenting freshly baked Polish bread rolls, with a child standing beside her in a modern kitchen.

Did you know that...

… during Polish weddings, the bride and groom are traditionally greeted by bread and salt as a symbol of hospitality, fertility, and wisdom.

… sharing of the wafer on Christmas Eve comes from an old Polish custom of sharing ceremonial bread. Sharing bread with animals is a tradition that has remained alive to this day.

bread was traditionally present at the beginning of grains harvesting – the reaper would bring bread to the field as an offering.

… bread also appears in the traditions associated with childbirth. During the interwar period, the obstetrician and godmother give each other bread as an acceptance of their new duties.

Bread is more than just food in the Polish culture, and it has always played an important role in the Polish traditions.

A sliced loaf of Polish overnight bread on a wooden cutting board.
Two slices of Polish sourdough multigrain bread on a wooden table.
Zurek in a sourdough bread bowl.

What makes the Polish Breads Cookbook special:

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Easy-to-follow, simple recipes. Even if you’re not an experienced baker, those step-by-step instructions will ensure baking success every time! 

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– The Polish Foodies blog and Facebook group have thousands of followers, inspiring food lovers from all over the world.

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Mouth-watering, colour photos complementing every recipe will help you visualise the dish and inspire you to get your hands into that dough!

The recipes were tested and passed on in the family through generations – they are fail-proof and assessable to both beginner and advanced cooks.

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Clear layout, friendly font and detailed instructions make the book easy to use.

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Every recipe has been tried and tested (and appreciated by the whole family!), and the instructions and proportions are perfectly balanced. This cookbook will give you a taste of authentic Polish bread and buns enjoyed through centuries.

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Exciting flavor combinations and unexpected ingredients which will inspire any baker.

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The breads and buns will not only provide nourishment but also impress your friends!

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Recipes suit all skill levels and time constraints.

Get your hands on these authentic
Polish Bread recipes!

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About the Authors

Karolina and Patryk Klesta were born and grew up in Poland. After visiting over 50 countries, they realised that the most beautiful place had always been at their fingertips. They decided to show their love for the Polish cuisine and traditions to the rest of the world. Their blog and the Facebook group Polish Foodies are already followed by thousands of people, and the group of their fans is growing every day.

The authors’ blog and a Facebook group on Polish cuisine are already followed and loved by thousands of people and are growing every day.
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What you can expect:

A red envelope with a Polish Breakfast Cookbook inside, placed on a white background.

Easy and fast purchase – if you buy ebook, it will reach you in an electronic form right after the purchase. The paperback version will arrive in about 2 weeks (if you are living in Europe, USA, Canada, or Australia).

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Intuitive, straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions which are achievable for any home cook; all the dishes can be prepared with very little practice and patience.

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Mouth-watering, color photos provided with every recipe, making the book not only practical to use but also visually appealing.

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Extensive introduction, featuring useful tips and information related to baking bread. How to bake it, how to form it right, and so much more.