Welcome to my Polish pantry! Here are the products that I always have in my kitchen and the best Polish snacks and sweets. Some of them are homemade (for example ogórki kiszone), some not. 

When you click on the specific product, you will be redirected to Amazon where you can continue your shopping. All the products I selected are high-quality. I’ve carefully checked every ingredient to make sure they match the original taste.

Powidło (plum butter)
The famous Polish powidło that you can use for cakes, cookies, and bigos.

It's a base for some Polish desserts, f.e. semolina porridge.

Sauerkraut (kapusta kiszona)
One of the top Polish products that you can use to cook bigos, sauerkraut pierogi, or fuczki.

Delicje Cookies
The most popular Polish cookies (similar to jaffa cakes).

Kielecki Mayonnaise
Traditional Polish mayonnaise with little sugar.

Red Borscht Concentrate
The perfect base for Polish barszcz czerwony.

Grated Horseradish
Chrzan is a base for many delicious Polish dishes including, horseradish sauce, horseradish soup, and more.

Smalec (Lard)
It can be used either to spread on a bread or for frying (for example kotlety schabowe).

One of the healthiest drinks in the world. It's a fermented milk.

The perfect base for Polish zurek soup.

Kielbasa Polish Sausage
Eat it solo, add to bigos or any other Polish dish!

Ogorki Kiszone (Fermented Pickles)
Top Polish product that you need to have in your kitchen.

Kabanosy (Link Smoked Sausage)
One of the best Polish snacks.

Pasztet (Pate)
Bread spread that you can take for a camping.

Kasza Gryczana (Roasted Buckwheat)
A perfect add-on to the Polish meats.

Ser Bialy (Farmer Cheese)
Base to many Polish dishes including pierogi ruskie.

Galaretka (Jelly Mix)
Eat it solo or add to the cake, for example strawberry sponge cake.

Polish Dried Mushrooms
Use them for Christmas or add to bigos or pierogi.

Krówki Candies
The best Polish candies.

Chocolate Covered Jellies
Delicious candies produced in Krakow.

Sliwki Naleczowskie (Prunes in Chocolate)
My favorite Polish candies, you need to try them!

Sezamki (Sesame Cookies)
Sweet and delicious Polish cookies.

Chocolate Wafer Tart
Mini birthday cake made of Polish chocolate.

Ptasie Mleczko (Chocolate Covered Vanilla Marshmallows)
The most delicious sweet from Poland.

Polish Halva
The perfect combination of sesame and honey.

Paluszki Salty Sticks
The famous Polish party snack.

Michalki Candies
My hubby's favorite candies.

Veggie Dicer
It's a very helpful tool to cut salatka jarzynowa.

Potato Masher
Useful tool to have in your kitchen.

Pierogi Molder
Very useful tool for all the pierogi lovers.