Authentic Polish Breakfast Recipes Passed Down Through Generations

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Savor the unique traditional dishes you've always been hearing about!

Are you a fan of traditional Polish cuisine?

Or maybe you’re simply looking for some inspiration to pimp up your morning meals? Whether it’s eggs prepared with a twist, pungent sour pickles, protein-filled dairy or delicious pancake-like racuchy, this book is a fascinating compilation of the most authentic, mouth-watering recipes.

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There is nothing better than the traditional cooking which withstood the test of time.

A family sits around a table with Polish cuisine sandwiches on it.

Every foodie loves the idea of trying new flavors and eating national dishes from different parts of the world. This cookbook offers an authentic glimpse behind the door of Polish kitchens. The authors, Karolina and Patryk Klesta, welcome you into their personal cookhouse to share not only delicious recipes but also their love for food, the story of their family, and an insight into the Polish culture and tradition.

The recipes are simple, easy to follow and suitable for all the tastes: whether you are a gourmet with a developed taste palate or a foodie with a sweet tooth looking for delicious comfort food, this publication will end up taking the top spot in your cookbook library. It will bring you the best breakfast recipes, carefully selected to help you enjoy exciting, authentic flavors rooted in the Polish tradition. If you have a thing for preparing morning meals and love digging into regional cuisine, you have picked the perfect book!

In this illustrated ebook, you’ll find breakfast recipes like:

  • Polish Herring Salad
  • Traditional Semolina Porridge
  • Polish Breakfast Spreads
  • Polish Apple Pancakes Racuchy
  • Polish Milk Soup
  • …and many more!

This cookbook will inspire you to discover recipes to impress your friends or new favorites to share with the loved ones on long weekend mornings. It’s a great choice for cooking with the little ones! And all the recipes have been tried and tested!

Here's what's included:

Deliciously satisfying recipes, which will make your mouth water. Food enjoyed not only by adults, but also loved by the little ones.

The culinary ideas cover everything from heavenly juicy meat dishes to exquisite sugary breakfasts for all those sweet food lovers.

Comprehensive and practical information: prep and cook time, the list of ingredients, step-by-step instructions, notes and a background of every dish.

Original staple food interwoven into Polish tradition, history and sense of identity. These authentic dishes are enjoyed by Polish families on a daily basis – you will see them on the tables in every household!

Fascinating insight into Polish tradition and customs – written with a personal, unique touch; you’ll get a glimpse into the authors’ history, family life, and a flavour of life in Poland in general.

Versatile recipes which suit all budgets, tastes and cookery levels. The recipes include simple, affordable ingredients, available in most basic grocery stores.


At the end of the book, you will find a very informative annex describing different techniques of preparing the famous Polish sausage.

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Polish breakfast recipes!

A woman in a red apron is preparing Polish dumplings.

About the Author

The author Karolina Klesta, and her husband Patryk, were both born and raised in Poland. They have been using recipes passed on in their families through generations. This cookbook will give you a taste of authentic, regional cooking enjoyed through the centuries.

The authors’ blog and a Facebook group on Polish cuisine are already followed and loved by thousands of people and are growing every day.

What you can expect:

Easy and fast purchase – the book will reach you in an electronic form right after the purchase.

Intuitive, straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions which are achievable for any home cook; all the dishes can be prepared with very little practice and patience.

Mouth-watering, color photos provided with every recipe, making the book not only practical to use but also visually appealing.

Inspiring descriptions and backgrounds of every dish. Each recipe is accompanied by a brief commentary showing the background of the food.

Racuchy pancakes sprinkled with sugar.

You just finished your morning meal and can’t wait for the next one? Why stop yourself – there is a charming Polish tradition of always having the second breakfast!

This delicious collection of authentic breakfast recipes will give you a fascinating insight into the national heritage of Poles. It shows their love for food and sharing and introduces typical flavours and ingredients used in every household. It reflects the country’s long agrarian tradition, the cultural context, and the custom of celebrating breakfast as the most important meal of the day.

With unfailing hits, such as Polish Herring, fluffy Racuchy, Horseradish Sauce or unbeatable Smoked Mackerel Spread, the Authentic Polish Breakfast Recipes cookbook is the user-friendly selection of the most beloved, traditional recipes that Polish cuisine lovers have been waiting for.

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