Polish Meat Pierogi

Polish Meat Pierogi

Pierogi z Mięsem

Ahh… pierogi. Who doesn’t love them?

Keep on reading to discover my Polish meat pierogi tips for cooking, and how to choose the perfect meat to make a filling.

What Meat Goes With Pierogies?

Children and adults love meat pierogi, and there rarely are any left to store for later. You can have them cooked but also pan-fried, oven-baked, or ever grilled.

Although you may use any kind of meat to make a filling for pierogi z mięsem, the best one is beef.

However, depending, on their preferences, Polish housewives use different kinds of meat, including:

• Pork Meat Pierogi Filling

Chicken Meat Pierogi Filling

Turkey Meat Pierogi Filling

• Duck Meat Pierogi Filling

• Goose Meat Pierogi Filling

• Lamb Meat Pierogi Filling

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How Do I Store Meat Pierogi For Later?

In case you have made a few extra batches of your dumplings, you can easily store them for later use. There are two ways of storing pierogi:

Place uncooked pierogi on the tray lined with paper, making sure they do not touch each other and place them in the freezer for 1-2 hours. After that, place the meat pierogi in an airtight container and store it away in the freezer.

You can do the exact same procedure with cooked meat pierogi, the only difference is, they might need a bit longer to freeze well before you take them off the tray. Frosezn meat pierogi can be stored for about 3 months.


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