Traditional Polish Chicken Soup Recipe


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Prep time

20 minutes

cook time

2 hours

total time

2 hours 20 minutes

Rosol soup is one of the most famous and best Polish foods. Traditionally, it’s served in every Polish home on Sundays.It’s the best natural cold treatment. Rosol is known to be helpful in dealing with colds or flu.


Comforting and filling, rosol is a must-have in every Polish kitchen. . It is served during Sunday lunch in most homes, the traditional ones, and the modern ones as well.

Tips For Cooking Rosol Soup

1. The more types of bones you use, the better the rosol soup. 2. Rosol soup needs to be cooked slowly, for a long time. 3. The more meat, the fatter the rosol soup will be. Richer too! 4. Rosol soup tastes best when served hot. 5. Use Rosol Soup Broth To Make Other Soups

– zupa pomidorowa (Polish tomato soup) – zupa ogórkowa (Polish dill pickle soup) – krupnik (Polish barley soup) – zupa cebulowa (Polish onion soup) – zupa koperkowa (Polish dill soup) – and many more


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