Polish Sweet Cheese


This Polish sweet cheese pierogi recipe called pierogi ze słodkim serem is a popular Polish food that you can easily make at home!

You can use homemade farmer’s cheese to make the sweet cheese pierogi filling with sugar and egg yolks. If you have leftover filling, you can use them to make some sweet cheese buns.

The dough for the pierogi is made in a similar fashion as any other pierogi such as the strawberry pierogi or the sauerkraut pierogi.

The pierogi are shaped by hands or by using a pierogi maker and then they’re boiled in hot water before serving!

How To Serve

Sweet Cheese Pierogi?

You can also serve with any of these:

Curved Dotted Line
Curved Dotted Line

sour cream  yogurt sweet cream whipped cream fruit jam: blueberry, strawberry, cherry, etc chopped fresh fruit

Sweeet cheese pierogi taste perfect on their own, so simply top them with melted butter before serving! Alternatively, sprinkle with crumbled cheese, powdered sugar, or cinnamon powder!



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