Polish Sweet Bread With Raisins Recipe

White Line

Bułka Z Rodzynkami

Prep time

10 minutes

cook time

25 minutes

total time

1 hour 35 minutes

resting time

1 hour

This traditional yeast-based Polish bread is not as rich as the babka, but is just as irresistible, especially as a breakfast bread! Slather some soft butter, jam, or honey on it and you’re in heaven!

Tips For Making Mouth-Watering Polish Sweet Bread With Raisins

– Replace 2 cups of raisins with 1 cup of raisin if you want the bread to be less sweet.

– You can use any seedless raisins of your choice – golden raisins, dark raisins, red raisins, or a mix of raisins.

– We like to add a lot of raisins, but you can reduce the amount if you like.

– Use vanilla sugar for more flavor.

– You can top the bread with a sugar glaze and candied orange peel.

– Serve yeast bread with butter or jam!

– If you want to make something even more delicious, try the babka drożdżowa z rodzynkami!



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