Polish Red Borscht

Barszcz Czerwony

What Is The Polish Christmas Borscht?

Often referred to as wigilijny barszcz czerwony, the Polish red borscht is another soup that’s traditionally served on Christmas Eve. Tasty and delicious, the soup is a little sour, a little sweet, and a little tangy.

Tips For Making The Perfect Polish Red Borscht

– This soup is eaten all year round in Poland. The Christmas version requires uszka dumplings inside. – You can replace the dumplings with pieces of boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes. – At other times of the year, you can also serve with boiled eggs or mince dumplings. – For Christmas Eve, Polish food is always vegetarian. But at other times of the year, you can replace the water with chicken rosol stock.

Tips For Making The Perfect Polish Red Borscht

– If you don’t want to make the beetroot starter, there is a ready-to-use red borscht concentrate. – If you want it sweeter, add honey. – If you want it sourer, add vinegar or lemon juice. – Use a fine-mesh strainer or colander to drain the borscht so that the soup is very clear. Adding a few spoons of vinegar also helps to make the soup more clear! – Top the soup with sour cream and chopped parsley or dried marjoram before serving!



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