Polish Potato Pancakes With Goulash

Placek Po Węgiersku

Prep time

30 minutes

cook time

1 hour

total time

1 hour 30 minutes

All About The Polish Potato Pancakes 

Placki Ziemniaczane Recipe!

Polish Hungarian-style potato pancakes have been made in Poland since the 16th-century. These potato pancakes can be eaten as a dessert or savory dish, though they’re most often eaten as savory. The most popular are eating potato pancakes with sour cream or the polish potato pancakes with goulash recipe.

Tips For Making The Best Polish Potato Pancakes With Goulash Recipe

– Grate them if you want them larger. – Blend the pancakes in the mixer, if you want them softer. – You can replace the fresh crushed garlic with store-bought garlic paste. – User very hot oil or fat for the potato pancakes so that they don’t absorb any of it. – Start making the pancakes while the goulash is slow cooking so that you save time. – You can add some wild mushrooms or bell peppers to the goulash while cooking. – Prepare the goulash first so you can serve it with fresh pancakes!



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