Polish Cabbage And Noodles

That Tastes Like Poland!

You probably won’t be surprised by seeing another cabbage recipe on this blog! Today it’s time for the authentic Polish lazanki recipe that is super easy and very popular.

How Is Lazanki Made?

Lazanki is made by cooking cabbage or sauerkraut in a pan. This is followed by frying smoked bacon and finely chopped onions. You can add a pressed clove of garlic as well. Square pasta is then cooked and these ingredients are mixed with it. Then add salt and pepper for seasoning.

Is It A Haluski Recipe Or A Lazanki Recipe?

It’s both! It’s probably the most confusing Polish dish. I mean, the dish is really easy to make. However, there is a problem with its name. In Poland, everyone calls it łazanki. But across the sea in America, people call them ‘haluski’ or ‘halushki’.



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