Sharlotka Jablecznik

Sharlotka Jablecznik

Polish Apple Cake

Prep time

30 minutes

cook time

1 hour

total time

1 hour 30 minutes

What’s The Story Behind The Polish Apple Cake’s Name?

Polish apple cake has many different names, all of them describe the same pastry:

– szarlotka (sharlotka)– the apple cake originates from France, it was named after Princess Charlotte – jabłecznik– (yahb-weh-chneekh) “jabłko” means “apple” in Polish; thus, jabłecznik means literally the apple cake – ciasto jabłkowe– the longer version of jabłecznik “ciasto” means “cake” in Polish

How To Serve Sharlotka?


Warm With Ice Cream And Whipped Cream.

You can serve it cold, as a regular cake.

It’s really popular to eat hot Polish apple cake with cold vanilla ice cream and whipped cream.

Heat the pan with oil til it’s really hot. After heating, You can add the excess hot oil to the batter and mix it in. This way you won’t need to add much oil while frying.


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