Kapusta Kiszona

Homemade Polish Sauerkraut Recipe

Kapusta kiszona is the traditional recipe for Polish sauerkraut. Easy to make, all it requires is time and patience to form the perfect healthy meal!

What Is Kapusta Kiszona?

Kapusta kiszona is the traditional Polish version of sauerkraut, a dish made and loved by every Pole in Poland and across the world. It’s also a national dish in Germany and a popular dish in many Central European countries. The production of lactic acid bacteria during the fermentation process has a positive effect on the flora of the gut, and hence it’s considered a very healthy dish.

What Other Dishes Is Homemade Polish Sauerkraut Used In?

Kapusta kiszona is a must-have Polish dish. You can eat it solo, cold, or warm. It’s also used as a base for many famous Polish dishes including:

pierogi with sauerkrautkrokietyPolish Christmas pie (kulebiak)Christmas sauerkraut with mushroomspaszteciki z kapustą i grzybamisauerkraut pancakes (fuczki)Polish kapusta with spare ribsbigosbigos myśliwskilazankikwaśnica soupPolish fried cabbagekapusta with split peas

Tips For Making Kapusta Kiszona At Home

– It is not essential to add carrots. – You can also add a grated apple to the sauerkraut mix. Apples being pre-biotic in nature, help to get the fermentation process started quicker. – Make sure you use pure water for the kapusta. Chlorine will inhibit the formation of the bacteria. – Did you know that sailors once ate kapusta to cure them of the flu? – Cabbage is a great source of dietary fiber! – Store the kapusta kiszona jar in a cool dark place till you open it.



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