Best Polish Chocolate

Best Polish Chocolate

The Full List Of Polish Chocolates


Delicje are like the Polish version of jaffa cakes made with the biscuit at the bottom, covered with a layer of jelly, and finally the layer of chocolate on top.

Pierniki Torunskie

Torunskie are Polish gingerbread cookies that are covered with dark chocolate or sugar glaze. Originally from the region of Torun in Poland, pierniki toruńskie dates as far back as the 14th century.

Śliwka Nałęczowska

My favorite chocolate is the śliwka nałęczowska. I had cravings for them when I was pregnant with Mia. These chocolates are basically dried prunes or dried plums covered with dark chocolat


Milka is not a famous Polish chocolate bar! It’s actually Swiss chocolate that was originally made by Suchard. But we Poles love it! It’s one of Europe’s most exported chocolates!

Wawel Chocolates

If you love the Wawel chocolate candies, you’ll also love some of the many flavors of Wawel chocolates. Especially the bars of kasztanki, krowkowa and tiki taki that taste like family-sized versions of the candy! They even have a sugar-free dark chocolate!

Cieple Lody – Warm Ice Cream

Warm ice cream or ciepłe lody was invented in the Polish Republic times when real ice cream was expensive. Inventive Polish mothers filled waffle cups with an egg-white mousse and topped it with melted chocolate and sometimes nuts.

Wedel Chocolates

As one of the oldest Polish chocolate brands, Wedel is a popular choice for producing milk chocolates too!

Prince Polo




Pawełek (Pauly) is a Polish chocolate bar for adults only! It contains a small amount of alcohol and it’s absolutely delicious!


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