Best Polish Candy

Best Polish Candy

Top Candy From Poland You Need To Try!

Ptasie Mleczko

Hands down, ptasie mleczko the most famous Polish sweet! Topping the list of any Polish candy online and invented by the Wedel company in the 1930s, these chocolates are exported all over the world!

Mieszanka Wedlowska

Mieszanka wedlowska are another popular Polish chocolate candy sold by E Wedel. The Wedel brand, started by Karl Wedel in Warsaw, has been producing cakes and chocolates since 1851.

Wawel Chocolate Candies

(Malaga, Tiki Taki i Kasztanki)

The three most popular flavors are Malaga, Tiki Taki, and Kasztanki, which are often sold as a tri-pack,  but there are a lot more delicious flavors!

Malaga – raisins with Malaga cream that takes on the flavor of the popular Spanish sweet Malaga red wine – Tiki Taki - coconut and chocolate – Kasztanki – cocoa and crispy wafers – Adwokat – filled with the Dutch Adwokat liquor which is a mix of eggs, sugar, and brandy – BananaAgrest – gooseberry pieces and creamy elderberry – Klasyczne – peanut pieces and peanut butter

Most of their sweets are alcohol-based and include raspberry and lemon liqueur chocolates, amoretta chocolates, vodka liqueurs, whiskey liqueurs, cherrisimo liqueurs, and more!

Mieszko Chocolate Candies

They come in many different flavors. The original is michalki klascyzne –plain chocolate flavor with peanuts, the others are michalki biale – peanuts in white chocolate, and michalki kokosowe – peanuts in coconut covered with chocolate.


These Polish hard candy have a dark brown color with white stripes which make these crispy chocolates very attractive!


Krowki can be creamy or crunchy; and are still made in the factory in Milanowek, Poland to this day. They’re also very easy to make at home too.


Draze are small candy balls made of cream that are called draze marynarz. My daughter loves this plain version. However, you’ll also find versions made of coconut with a chocolate coating called draze kokosowe or korsarz.



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