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Authentic Polish Nalesniki

Thin Crepes Ready In 15 Minutes

How To Make Nalesniki?

You don’t have to worry about how to make Polish crepes. This nalesniki recipe is really easy to make.

Start by mixing all the flour, eggs, sparkling water, salt, and sugar together. We use a whisk for this, but you can use a hand blender too.

How To Make Nalesniki?

Heat the pan with oil til it’s really hot. After heating, You can add the excess hot oil to the batter and mix it in. This way you won’t need to add much oil while frying.

How To Make Nalesniki?

Make the pancakes as thin as possible while frying them. Watch this video to see how I do it. Keep repeating the steps till all the batter is finished.

Serve hot with sweet or savory toppings!


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