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Top Polish Food Blogs You Need To Follow!

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A woman capturing a mouthwatering image of food with a camera for her polish food blog.

Polish food has a lot to offer! But getting it right requires intimate knowledge of how food is cooked in Poland. Apart from knowing the recipes, you need to know where the food came from, who created these dishes, and how to make them the way your mama and babcia did!

There are a few Polish food bloggers who are doing an amazing job of sharing traditional Polish recipes. Here are the top Polish food bloggers you must follow!

Polonist – The Most Beautiful Blog!

lady holding a basket of veggies.

With amazing pictures and graphics that keep you scrolling and drooling, it’s difficult to leave the Polonist!

Kasia Kronenberger is a home cook from Poland, and all her recipes are taste-tested by her family Henry and Bart.

She started the blog as a way to empower Poles to share stories and recipes from Polish food culture. 

She tries to post recipes as they were long ago before being diluted by time and culture. So the name Polonist which means a specialist in the Polish language or culture is really apt!

Follow Kasia at Polonist!

Polish Housewife – Cooking Polish Food After Good Research!

smiling lady standing next to a brick wall.
Lois Britton of Polish Housewife

She doesn’t have Polish roots, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing delicious Polish recipes. Lois Britton grew up in Arizona and started her blog Food is My Love Language in 2009. 

Two years later, when her husband was transferred to Poland, she fell in love with Polish food and started the blog Polish Housewife. Lois shares not just recipes, but also tales of Polish history and Polish traditions.

Cultural appropriation or not, her blog Polish Housewife has made her an unofficial ambassador of Poland. Although Lois no longer lives in Poland, she still loves Polish food!

Follow Lois at Polish Housewife.


Polish Your Kitchen – The Best Polish Youtube Channel!

Anna from Polish Your Kitchen
Anna from Polish Your Kitchen

Anna from Polish Your Kitchen spent a lot of her younger years with her babcia Stasia who allowed her to help with cooking. When she reached the US in 1993 as an exchange student she was often asked for recipes for the dishes she cooked.

She started Polish Your Kitchen in 2016 to share her stories and Polish recipes with the world. Since then she’s moved back to Poland and continues to explore Polish regional cooking.

Anna’s food blog is so varied and interesting. We love watching how she celebrates Polish cuisine and shares it with the world. 

You can follow Anna at Polish Your Kitchen!

Be sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel as well, the videos she makes with her husband Mark are so entertaining! 


Polish Foodies – Appreciating Poland More After Traveling The World!

Karolina from Polish Foodies.
Karolina from Polish Foodies

Karolina (me) grew up in Poland but wanted to see the world. With the love of my life Patryk, I became a digital nomad and started an online business. My Lazy Travel Blog is world acclaimed while my husband Patryk runs a number of marketing businesses. 

After many years abroad, we returned to Poland as our home base in 2017. Although we still run the travel blog and travel often with Mia and Kostek in tow, I have started documenting recipes that my mom, mom-in-law, grandmas, and other family members share with me.

Polish Foodies is a culmination of the effort to document so many diverse traditional recipes, from popular ones such as zurek and podplomyki to rarer recipes such as czarnina and chlebiczek

Polish Foodies is not only about me but about YOU!!

We have a large Facebook community, if you haven’t already, join the Polish Foodies group on Facebook.

Cook In Polish – Has Some Of The Rarest Polish Recipes

Aleksandra from Cook in Polish

Aleksandra from Cook in Polish is living in Poland with her family.

She loves collecting old Polish cookbooks that reflect the changes in Polish food culture over time.

Ola has started her blog in 2019 just like me!

Popular books like Dobra Kuchnia, Kuchnia Polska, Aleksandra has them. Other Polish recipe books that you have never heard of, she has them too!

She also loves traveling across the country to experiment with regional cuisine and different flavors before showcasing them to her readers.

Find all of Ola’s recipes at Cook in Polish!



Kielbasa Stories – Marrying Polish And Falling In Love With The Culture!

Chris from Kielbasa stories with her family in Poland.
Chris from Kielbasa Stories with her family

Chris is an Amerykanka w Polsce, an American in Poland. She grew up in Pennsylvania but found her Polish husband when she did a stint teaching English in rural Poland. 

Over time, Chris delved into Polish history and culture, grew more fascinated with it, and started blogging about it. Her blog Kielbasa Stories is over a decade old and talks about anything and everything Polish. 

Chris and her family live in a small village in Poland with just 500 people.

I think Chris is the funniest Polish food blogger, I love her sense of humor! Follow her at Kielbasa Stories

Which are your favorite food bloggers? Comment and let us know!

*Disclaimer: Please note that this list is indicative and non-exhaustive, and not based on any particular order.

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