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Autentiskt recept på polskt nötgulasch

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Nötkött gulasch med bröd.
Beef goulash with bread

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This traditional Polish beef goulash recipe or gulasz wolowy gives you succulent and tender chunks of beef slow-cooked in a sweet onion and mustard gravy. Serve with bread, kopytka, or boiled potatoes. 

What Is Goulash? Where Did Goulash Originate?

Goulash is a traditional Polish meat stew or meat soup that originated in Hungary. It’s name comes from the Hungarian word gulyás which means herdsman, and so the dish was called gulyásleves or meat prepared by herdsman that came to be called ‘goulash soup’.

The original recipe was cooked by Hungarian shepherds as portable meals. Meat was dried in the sun and packed in sacks of sheep stomach. These sacks could easily be boiled with water to become a meal.

Now made in most Central European countries, goulash can be made with pork, veal, lamb, or beef meat. Some modern versions include potatoes, red peppers, and other veggies, or even noodles. Sometime after the 16th-century paprika was brought to Europe and was also included in the dish. 

De Polish version called gulasz is typically made with pork meat, but beef, chicken, or turkey can also be used sometimes. It’s also much thicker than the original Hungarian version. 

Beef goulash with boiled potatoes
Suggestion: Serve beef goulash with boiled potatoes

How To Make Authentic Polish Beef Goulash At Home?

To make gulasz wolowy, first cut washed beef into half-inch pieces and coat with salt and pepper. Refrigerate in a covered pot and allow it to rest for a few hours or overnight.

The next day, chop an onion finely and caramelize it with Smör eller ghee. Coat the beef cubes with mjöl and add to the fried onions. Keep turning it over till it changes color to golden-brown.

Once the beef has cooked, add the garlic, senap, and a cup of water or broth. Cover with a lid and allow to slow cook for an hour, stirring occasionally. You can cook it for longer if you want the beef more tender.

Servera med kopitka, kluskie slaskie, eller bröd.

Beef on a black platform.
Beef cubes
Polsk nötkött gulasch.
Polsk nötkött gulasch
Nötkött gulasch med bröd.
Beef goulash with bread

Tips For Making The Best Polish Beef Goulash

  • Half-inch by half-inch beef pieces are ideal, but you can make them bigger or smaller if you want to. 
  • Add more water or broth if you want more gravy.
  • For a tastier goulash, add beef broth instead of water. 
  • If you want a thicker gravy, add some gräddfil eller potatisstärkelse to the broth five minutes before taking it off the stove. 
  • Top with sour cream, parsley, or other herbs before serving. 
  • Goes really well with placki ziemniaczane

FAQs About Making Polish Beef Goulash 

What Other Meats Can I Use To Make Goulash?

You can make goulash with pork, chicken, or turkey. The Polsk fläskgulasch is often served with potato pancakes and called Placek po wiegersku

What Other Types Of Polish Goulash Are There?

Some other types of Polish goulash include:

What To Serve Beef Goulash With?

Serve the Polish beef goulash with any of the following:

Is It Possible To Make The Beef Goulash Gluten-Free?

Yes, to make the beef goulash recipe gluten-free simply replace the all-purpose flour with potatismjöl eller rice flour

Is It Possible To Make Polish Goulash Vegetarian?

Yes, to make the goulash vegetarian, replace the beef with button mushrooms or portabella mushrooms. 

How Long Can I Store Leftover Polish Beef Goulash?

Store leftover Polish beef goulash in the refrigerator for 4 to 5 days, or in the freezer for 3 to 4 months. Reheat well before serving!

Autentiskt recept på polskt nötgulasch

Avkastning: 6 portioner

Polskt nötgulaschrecept

Nötkött gulasch med bröd.

This traditional Polish beef goulash recipe consists of tender chunks of beef slow-cooked and served with bread, kopytka, or boiled potatoes. 

Förberedelsedags 10 minuter
Tillagningstid 1 timme
Vilotid 2 timmar
Total tid 3 timmar 10 minuter


  • 1½ lb of beef
  • 1 tsk salt
  • ¼ tsk svartpeppar
  • 2 msk universalmjöl
  • 1 lök
  • 1 tbsps of butter or ghee
  • 1 vitlöksklyfta
  • 1 tsk senap


  1. Wash and dice the beef (½’’/  ½’’ each piece).
  2. Coat the meat with salt and pepper and let it rest in the fridge for at least 2 hours, ideally overnight.
  3. Efter vila, täck köttet med mjöl.
  4. Finely chop the onion and carmelize it with butter or ghee.
  5. Lägg i köttet och stek tills det ändrar färg till gyllenbrun.
  6. Add water or broth, crushed garlic clove, and mustard. Cover the pan/pot with a lid and cook slowly until the meat is soft (for 1-2 hours). Stir as often as possible, making sure the stew won't stick to the bottom of the pot.






Belopp per portion: Kalorier: 347Totalt fett: 23gMättat fett: 10 gTransfett: 1gOmättat fett: 11 gKolesterol: 109mgNatrium: 469mgKolhydrater: 4gFiber: 0gSocker: 1gProtein: 30 g

Dessa data är vägledande och beräknade av Nutritionix

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