Authentic Polish Ogorkowa Soup Recipe That Taste Like Poland!

Ah, Polish zupa ogorkowa. Once you try it, you can never get enough. Although there are many different ogorkowa soup recipes, the one I like the most is my mom’s.

I think she cooks the absolute best Polish dill pickle soup. My entire family loves it. I hope you will like it too!

Tips For Making Ogorkowa Soup

See also my fresh cucumber soup recipe.

Choose The Quality Fermented Cucumber.

It’s the most important thing when cooking ogorkowa soup. Your dill pickles need to be authentic, preferably homemade (see my ogórki kiszone recipe here.

These dill pickles available on Amazon are also good enough.

You Can Add Potatoes To The Soup.

Some Polish housewives replace the rice with cooked diced potatoes. 

If You Use Vegan Butter Or Oil, This Ogorkowa Soup Will Be 100% Vegan.

It’s amazing how easy it is to make zupa ogorkowa vegan!

Polish Ogorkowa Soup Recipe

Polish Ogorkowa Soup Recipe

Polish Ogorkowa Soup Recipe
Prep Time 15 minutes
Cook Time 30 minutes
Total Time 45 minutes


  • 4 big ogórki kiszone (fermented cucumbers)
  • 3 carrots
  • 1 onion
  • 1 big parsley root
  • 1 cup of fermented cucumber water (ogórczanka)
  • 1 ½  cup of rice (before cooking)
  • 2 tbsps of butter
  • salt, pepper


  1. Cook the rice until soft.
  2. Peel the carrots, a parsley root, and an onion.
  3. Cover 1 carrot, a parsley root, and onion with 12 cups of water. Add a bit of salt. Cook until soft.
  4. Grate 2 carrots and 4 fermented cucumbers.
  5. Fry the grated carrots and pickles on the 2 tbsps of butter until soft.
  6. When the carrot, parsley root, and onion are soft, blend them all together with water.
  7. Add grated carrots and pickles.
  8. Add 1 cup of fermented cucumbers water.
  9. Add cooked rice.
  10. Season with salt and pepper.


  1. Ogorkowa soup tastes good with boiled potatoes.
  2. Optionally, you can add sour cream to the soup.
  3. If you want the ogorkowa soup to be sourer, add more fermented cucumber water.

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