Unwrap a Surprise from Poland:
The Mystery Box Experience!

Calling all curious minds and adventurous palates!​

Authentic Mystery Box Straight from Poland!

Get ready to be delighted by our Mystery Box From Poland, overflowing with authentic gifts and delectable treats  delivered straight from its homeland! Each box is hand-picked with a unique assortment of Polish treasures, guaranteed to surprise and satisfy.

Here's a taste of what you might find inside:

  • Polish Pampering: Discover a selection of high-quality Polish nail polishes in stunning colors and trendy finishes.
  • Snack Attack: Savor a delightful variety of Polish candies, cookies, and other bite-sized treats, all popular favorites in Poland.
  • Cultural Curiosities: You might even unearth a hidden gem – a postcard showcasing Poland’s breathtaking landscapes, a recipe card for a traditional Polish dish, or a handcrafted Polish trinket.
Young woman with her hands on her cheeks looking surprised, surrounded by colorful confetti from a Polish Mystery Box on a white background.

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Unwrap the magic of Poland with our Mystery Box and:​

  • Embark on a Surprise Adventure: Immerse yourself in Polish culture with a curated selection of unique gifts and delicious treats.
  • Discovers New Favorites: Explore exciting Polish products you might not have encountered before – from dazzling polishes to irresistible snacks.
  • Experience the Gift of Surprise: This is the perfect present for yourself or someone who enjoys a touch of the unexpected and a taste of the world.
Surprised woman holding a Polish mystery box overflowing with colorful candies, including lollipops and gummy candies, isolated on a white background.

Choose Your Mistery Box Size:


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All Mystery Boxes ship directly from Poland, bringing a touch of Eastern Europe straight to your doorstep.

**Limited quantities available! Don’t miss out on your chance to experience the magic of Poland.

Price varies by size + Shipping

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