Connect with Polish Roots + Make Relationships with Polish Friends

... during discovering how to make Great, Authentic Polish Food at Home

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Incredible Polish Foodies Community Event!

In our Polish Foodies Community we’ll cover how to make authentic Polish food at home. You can use these techniques to make great, authentic Polish recipes, connect to Polish roots, and even make authentic Polish food!

Heck, I
even show you share with you authentic Polish cuisine and culture!In fact, here’s just a sample of what we’ll cover on this incredible Polish Foodies Community event:

  • Sekret 1 so you can Dlaczego to ważne.
  • Sekret 2 so you’re able to Dlaczego to ważne.
  • Sekret 3 and how you can Dlaczego to ważne.
  • Sekret 4 which helps you Dlaczego to ważne.
  • Sekret 5 so you’re able to Dlaczego to ważne.
  • Sekret 6 so you’re able to Dlaczego to ważne.

… and much, MUCH More! Don’t miss this breakthrough Polish Foodies Community that will finally show you how to cook authentic Polish food at home.

Here's Exactly What You're Going To Get
With Polish Foodies Community


Vote for the next to publish recipes and cookbooks (priceless Value)
  • This co-decide what recipes we publish next makes it a snap for you to You will get right to decide which recipes we will cook and share next month.
  • Ask that we will publish recipes that you like the most.
  • Re-create recipes from your childhood, even if you don’t know how to make it correctly.
Early access to all of our recipes and cookbooks (priceless Value)
  •  This Early access makes it simple to cook new Polish dishes earlier than everyone else in Polish Foodies Community.
  •  Have early access to all of our recipes and products.
  •  Stop waiting in a line to get access to Polish recipes.
Invitation-only virtual events ($37 Value)
  • This virtual event holds the secret for you to Cook authentic Polish food with Karolina and other Polish foodies on virtual events.
  •  Meet online with other Polish food enthusiast and discuss about Polish Food.
  •  Connect with other Polish Food enthusiasts.
A white plate with Ukrainian Style beet soup and bread on a gray background.
Beef goulash with bread.
A slice of layered poppy seed cheesecake with a cookie crumb base, served with red berries and mint leaves on a white plate.

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Access to Closed Intimated Polish Foodies Community ($27/month Value)
  •  This Intimate Polish Foodies Community is the secret to connect with other Polish Foodies online and get personal responses from Karolina on your questions and concerns.
  •  Cook authenting Polish recipes with Karolina support and knowledge.
  •  No longer wonder how to improve your recipes but just ask.
Personal and Behind the Scenes updates (priceless Value)
  •  This live updates helps you to understand how the Polish Foodies community is creating and managing. With our successes and failures…
  •  Feel a part of our team on a special-support memeber.
  • Make more closely to Polish Foodies community and share our love to Polish culture
Gift Cards and Discounts for the ew products (priceless Value)
  •  This discounts of our products is the secret for you to get new and updated Polish Foodies products at special discounts.
  •  Improve your skills of Cooking Polish cuisine.
  •  Have everything connected to Polish Foodies Community.

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