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Where To Buy Polish Food Gift Baskets?

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Meats and veggies on a board.
Polish sausages, bacon and ham

Festive seasons come around and it’s time to gift friends and family something that tastes like Poland. Be it Christmas, Easter, or a wedding or birthday celebration, Polish food gift baskets are a great choice to treat your loved ones and relatives! 

So where can you find some colorfully wrapped pierogi gift baskets or Polish sausage gift baskets containing the best of our Polish foods? We’ve gathered together the list of some of the best Polish food baskets!

1. Polish Dinner Gifts From S & P Polish Deli In Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

A kielbasa gift basket is the easiest gift that will be a definite success! There’s no Pole that won’t appreciate some tasty kielbasa and pierogi as a gift, especially if it’s coming all the way from Poland. The S & P Polish Deli in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania offers one of these popular Polish Dinner Bundles!

Meats and veggies on a board.
Polish sausages, bacon, and ham with dill pickles or more

2. Gift Baskets From Polana in Chicago, Illinois

Run by the Machnicki family, the Polana gift store in Chicago has been importing goods from Poland since 1996. After their business went online, their foods started getting delivered all over the US.

Their small gift baskets contain everything from smoked kabanos and Krakowska sausages to cheese pierogi, horseradish sauce, and Polish rye bread. Their large gift baskets contain all these things plus instant zurek, stuffed cabbages, kolaczki, and more. A gift every Pole will love!

3. Polana Gift Card

For times when you want to gift your loved ones something Polish, but aren’t sure what to choose, gift cards are a great choice. The Polana Electronic Gift Card worth $75 put the choice in their hands.

The Polana Gift Card can be used to pick from a range of options, from soups and rolls to pierogi and kolaczki, to honeys, teas, syrups, herbs, etc. Literally, anything and everything Polish can be sent to loved ones across the US.

Different Polish meats on plates.
Meats, cheese and more can be gifted to family and friends

4. Polish Gifts On Amazon

Amazon is a great place to find Polish food gift baskets and deliver them across the globe. One popular choice is the Taste of Poland Snack Packs that contain Delice chocolates, snowflake Tagos, cherry flavored Krakos biscuits, Maltanki biscuits, coconut flavored Princess biscuits, and more. Or the even larger box that has these plus Prince Polo, Pierniki, Delicje, Cukierki, Wafle, Krowka mleczna, Sezamki, Rurki, Raczki and many of our favorite Polish Chocolates.

Amazon is also a great place to source Torcik Wedlowski if you’re outside Poland. These wafers from E Wedel are filled with a peanut filling and covered with dark chocolate. Rich and delicious, they’re the perfect gifts for birthdays or celebrations.

Then there’s the Christmas Eve set with oplatki wafers, Wawel’s Malaga TikiTaki Kastanki Mix, or the Polish flask and shot glass gift set, and a whole lot more!

5. Shipping Bundles From Piast

This New Jersey store has a number of shipping bundles that you can put together for $99.99. Allowing for 7 options from a variety of cheese, bacon, sausages, bread, cheese, and more, Piast allows you to customize your Polish deli basket, kielbasa gift basket, or Polish pierogi basket to suit the tastes of the person you’re gifting. Pick your Polish food baskets from here!

Different sausages on a platform.
Piast has a meaty kielbasa gift basket

6. Polish Food From Polish Food Direct

Need to order a kielbasa or pierogi gift basket for your family member? Polish Food Direct has a great collection of meats, cheese, preserves, cookies, canned goods, condiments, and other items from both Bacik and Stanley’s. 

Based in Newark, New Jersey, their arsenal of Polish delicacies are shipped all over the US. Check them out here! 

7. Gift Certificates From Sweet Poland in Brooklyn, New York

Gift certificates are the best gift for friends or relatives who love Polish food. The certificates from Sweet Poland give them the option of choosing their own Polish delights from a wide range – budyn, kielbasa, pierogi, nalesniki, cheese, herrings, preserves, mushrooms, kasha, or even the smaller 4 lbs (1.8 kg) food samplers

Easter basket with lamb shaped chocolates.
Easter baskets are good idea too!

8. Pierogi And Memorabilia From Polish Deli Online in Manville, New Jersey

Serving delicious ‘pierogi like babcia used to make’, as they say, the Polish deli in Manville is loved by locals, whether Polish or not. Servicing the whole of the US, their range of food items, teas & coffees, Polish memorabilia, and other items are perfect for gifting to loved ones. Check out some of the delicious bread, pierogi, rugelach cookies, tarts, kifli, and other items from Polish Deli here

Breads in different baskets and plates.
Bread baskets contain a variety of Polish bread

9. Rope Style Packs From Konopelski’s

If the person you’re gifting is a meat lover, then Konopelski’s kielbasa is the best choice! Offering 4 lbs (1.8 kg), 8 lbs (3.6 kg) or 16 lbs (7.2 kg) packs of rope style sausages. These sausages have been seasoned with fruitwood and seasoned with garlic. Based on a traditional Polish recipe, they can last up to 6 months in the freezer and are the best gift for meat-loving Polish foodies. 

10. Traditional Polish Food From Polka Deli In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This Polish Deli in the heart of Port Richmond, Philadelphia serves products sourced from the best Polish bakers and butchers in the US. They feature homemade kielbasa and kishka sausages to sledz w oleju, spzrot w sosi pomodorowym, goplana jezyki, czekolada gorzka z nadzieniem kokosowym, kopernik torun, and more.

This Polish deli has everything from Wedel, Aksam, Kupiec, Skawa, Mieszko, Wawel, Storck and other popular Polish brands. They don’t have a specific Polish food basket, but it’s easy to simply add different items to the cart to ship off to a loved one or friend

So that’s our list of the best Polish food gift baskets and where to get them. Which one do you like the most, and why?

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