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This comprehensive video, created by Karolina Klesta, a founder of Polish Foodies Tribe, will be your guide to a truly unforgettable Easter celebration.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Polish Easter Video Course:

  • Unveiling Polish Easter Traditions: Explore the unique history and customs that make Polish Easter so special. Learn about the significance of Easter symbols like pisanki (painted eggs), the święconka (blessing basket), and the symbolic lamb (baranek).
  • The Heart of Easter: Family and Sharing: Discover the importance of family gatherings and sharing meals during Easter in Polish culture. 
  • Learn how to make traditional Polish Easter eggs, kraszanki and pisanki!
  • Celebrating Easter in Poland, even from afar: Get tips on incorporating Polish Easter traditions into your celebrations, no matter where you are in the world.

Here's Exactly What You'll Discover:


This video is perfect for anyone who wants to:
  • Learn about Polish Easter traditions and culture.
  • Celebrate Easter in a meaningful and memorable way.
  • Connect with their Polish heritage.
A Polish Easter bread with a sausage surprise baked inside.
Babka cytrynowa cake.
Barszcz white soup in a red bowl.


  1. About Polish Easter and why nature plays a huge role in the celebration. 
  2. What are Ostatki and how do Poles prepare for Lent.
  3. Polish Lent traditions and exceptions from fasting.
  4. Traditional Polish Easter food explained.
  5. How to prepare your Polish Easter basket (święconka).
  6. How to make traditional Polish Easter eggs (pisanki).
  7. What can you buy on Polish Easter market?
  8. What is Palm Sunday?
  9. Holy Week in Poland, how it is celebrated day by day.
  10. Polish Catholic pre-Easter traditions and devotions.
  11. Easter in Poland day by day with the actual footage from my family in Poland.
  12. The craziness of Wet Monday!


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The author Karolina Klesta, and her husband Patryk, were both born and raised in Poland. They have been using recipes passed on in their families through generations. This cookbook will give you a taste of authentic, regional cooking enjoyed through the centuries.
The authors’ blog and a Facebook group on Polish cuisine are already followed and loved by thousands of people and are growing every day.

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This delicious collection of authentic Polish Easter stories will give you a fascinating insight into the national heritage of Poles. It shows their love for food and sharing and introduces typical flavors and ingredients used in every household. It reflects the country’s long agrarian tradition, the cultural context, and the custom of celebrating Easter as the most important moment of the year.