Polish Donuts


P?czki are a Polish donuts recipe that is popular in Poland before the Lenten season.

The correctly made p?czki should have a white ring in the middle after frying.

The presence of this ring is taken as an indication that the Polish paczki recipe was made with fresh oil.

Saviez-vous qu'il y a maintenant une journée Paczki célébrée dans le Michigan et l'Illinois avec de très longues files d'attente devant les boulangeries polonaises ?





Quel type de garniture dois-je utiliser pour ces recettes polonaises de Paczki ?

1. Pudding 2. Jam (rose jam is the most popular in Poland) 3. Beurre de prune 4. Nutella

Any kind of filling will work for these Polish donuts:



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