Authentic Polish Duck Blood Soup

What?s czernina and what?s all the hype about?

Tschernina, often called Zarna polewka (pronounced char-na po-lev-ka) is a soup made with duck blood. You can use the same recipe with goose blood, pig blood, or rabbit blood too.

This soup was very symbolic in Poland in the last few centuries. Till the 19th century, it was served during marriage proposals. If a young man who was a suitor was rejected by his beloved, he was served czernina, the duck blood soup.So duck blood soup meant no for proposals. This soup must have broken a lot of hearts! Of course, things are different now, and you don?t have to serve your suitor duck blood if you don?t like him.

You can cook the duck stock a day earlier if you wish. The recipe is similar to the chicken stock recipe.

Sie brauchen nur 1 Tasse Entenblut für 5 bis 6 Tassen Entenbrühe.

You can add more or less vinegar depending on how sour you want the soup.

You can replace the pears with dried plums, prunes, apricots, cherries, raisins, apple slices, or any fruits of your choice.

Tipps für die Zubereitung einer polnischen Czernina-Entenblutsuppe

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