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The traditional Polish Christmas dinner is a big event with families gathering together to celebrate meals lasting for hours. The celebration known as Wigilia consists of a 12-course dinner with many Polish Christmas dishes from pierogi to makoweic.

With many delightful traditions from waiting for the first star to appear in the sky to start the Christmas meal, to sharing the oplatek wafers that resemble the Jewish matzah.

Polish Christmas dinners also see kids trying to get their pets to talk because our legends believe that animals were given the gift of speech because they were a part of Jesus’ manger.

And then there’s one of the most important Polish Christmas food traditions of leaving an empty place at the table for poor strangers who’d come looking for food.

And did you know that Polish Christmas traditional food does not include meat or hard liquor? Instead, it’s a dreamland for vegetarians and fish-lovers.

So what Polish Christmas food do we cook for a Polish Christmas dinner? The first Polish Christmas dish will be a soup, either barszcz, uszka soup, fish soup, or mushroom soup.

This is followed by other Polish Christmas foods such as carp in aspic, or ryba w galarecie, uszka salad, sauerkraut pierogi, golumpki, kapusta zasmazana, herring salad, fuczki pancakes, and so many more delicious Polish Christmas recipes.

Polish Christmas dessert can range from keks, moczka, krolewiec, miodownik, kutia, kolacky, and so much more!

Have I whetted your appetite enough to try some Polish food for Christmas? Jump into the Polish recipes for Christmas below and let’s start celebrating!