Category: Vegan

With so many big meaty dishes as part of our diet, you might think that Polish vegan recipes are hard to come by. But it’s quite the opposite!

There are so many vegan Polish food dishes you can enjoy, you probably didn’t even know they were vegan!

Let’s start with pickles. Everyone loves dill pickles! But did you know that your favorite ogórki kiszone and ogórki małosolne are vegan-friendly?

In fact, so are chrzan, kapusta kiszona, and wigilijna kapusta z grzybami. Even the traditional Polish drinks kompot z suszu and zakwas buraczany are some of the popular vegan Polish recipes!

I’ve even got recipes for vegan gołąbki rolls and vegan pierogi that taste just perfect!

So whether you are having some vegan friends over for dinner, or are vegan yourself, there are many vegan Polish recipes to try!