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If you’re on a keto diet, Polish food is a great life saver! Many of our dishes are naturally keto-friendly!

You don’t have to figure out what you can and can’t eat! There are many Polish keto recipes to choose from, starting from homemade Polish cheese and probiotic sauerkraut to meaty bigos myśliwski and golonka w piwie.

Some really delicious keto Polish food are the Polish pork goulash, tripe soup, kotlety mielone, golonka po poznańsku, and so many more! And if you check the packaging correctly, you’ll even find some of our Polish sausages which are made without carbs.

But if you’re a vegetarian, you don’t have to worry! Polish keto food isn’t simply meat-based. We have many Polish veg keto recipes such as the traditional kapusta kiszona or wigilijna kapusta z grzybamiMłoda kapusta, fasolka po bretońsku, and many other Polish recipes can be made with vegan bacon or vegan sausages.

There’s a lot you can eat on the Polish keto diet, whether you’re veg or non-veg. Here are some of our favorite keto Polish recipes to try!