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The flavors and tastes of Polish cuisine may be different than Western cuisine. From traditional pierogi to pączki donuts to golonka w piwie and bigos stew, our food is filling, hearty and wholesome.

But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have some really delicious Polish recipes for kids too! My kids love eating kluski z serem. They also like oponki, chrusciki, and bulka z rodzynkami.

I have fond memories of eating kisiel or ryz z truskawkami at school lunch. And more memories of helping babcia to roll out the dough for the łazanki, pierogi leniwe, or kopytka dumplings.

So if you want to introduce your young one to eating Polish food, there’s a lot of Polish food for kids to try! Every kid will love the sweet zupa owocowa, pierogi z truskawkami, or the crispy placki ziemniaczane!

Have a fussy toddler? Feed them the Polish creamed peas and carrot salad called groszek z marchewką and they’ll lick the bowl! Need to get your child to eat some protein. Make the creamy indyk w sosie koperkowym!

And perhaps they can help you with cooking these simple kid-friendly dishes too!