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Where To Buy Polish Food Online In The US?

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A delicious bowl of soup, filled with tender meat and topped with a perfectly poached egg. Served on a rustic wooden table, this dish takes you straight to a traditional Polish store.

Is there a Polish deli near me? Will I be able to get authentic Polish food near me? Is there a Polish market near me? Is there a Polish grocery store in my neighborhood in the US? 

There are some of the big questions in the life of every Pole moving abroad or living abroad. A Google search for ‘Polish deli near me’ will answer all your questions.

But thankfully, if you live in the US and are far from local Polish stores, there are still a number of Polish food distributors that allow you to buy Polish food online.

Top Polish local delis!

1. Polana

Our favorite Polish store, Polana is the best choice whether you want to buy Polish candy online or mail order pierogies!

Mario Machnicki founded the Polana store in 1996 as a mail-order food catalog. Mario, born in Poland, lives in Chicago; and started the store with the aim of connecting Polish food lovers with original Polish food stores. 

He loved the smile on the faces of Polish Americans who were able to get just a little taste of home! Soon he moved the business to an online platform and was able to satisfy Polish food desires all over the United States! 

Kielbasa, golabki, soups, pierogi, mazureks, twarog. Anything you want, they have it! 

In fact, we’ve got a treat for our Polish Foodies’ readers! Polana is giving 15% OFF on a minimum order of $60 for all Polish Foodies’ readers. 

You need to enter coupon code FOODIE15 during checkout to get a discount.
With or without the discount, all my readers tell me that whenever they tried online Polish food shops, Polana turned out to be their top favorite choice!
Sausages in a plate next to bread and olives.
Every sausage you want: they’ve got it!

2. Konopelski Meats

In 1903, Louis Konopelski immigrated from Poland to the USA with nothing but his recipe for Polish kielbasa. 
Later, in 1920, he started Konopelski meats as a family business at a corner store in Reading Pennsylvania. His family has been serving great sausages to Polish Americans for decades. 
Search for a Polish shop near me selling sausages and you’ll find Konopelski meats at many local markets and farmer’s markets in the North-Eastern part of the country. 
Now also online, Konopelski’s smoked kielbasa sausage is still a household name!

3. Piast

If you live in New Jersey and look for where to buy Polish cheese babka online, the answer you’ll get is Piast! 

This New Jersey-based Polish family store opened in 1991. With only two physical locations in River Drive, Garfield, and Passaic St, Garfield, the family makes and sells their own kielbasa and homemade pierogi.
Piast also imports many famous and rare products from Poland to sell at their online store. Their Deluxe Piast Sampler and Polish Easter Basket are the perfect gifts for friends and family, and can be delivered all over the country. 
Polish bimber vodka.
Some brands of Polish vodka can be found here too!

4. Sweet Poland

Sweet Poland is a Polish online deli that actually started out as a Polish literature bookstore in Brooklyn, New York in 1990. They soon realized that they needed to serve customers that lived outside of New York, and turned into a mail-order book store sending books to the whole of the US and Canada too! 

 In 1999, they started a catalog called Sweet Poland for gourmet Polish food, and added their own products in 2009. 

Soon they were online, and deliver everything Polish to homes across the country. Whether you need kascza gryczana or podgrzybek marynowany, Sweet Poland has it!

Polish flag.
Some of the delis have everything Polish!

5. Polish Deli Online 

Look for ‘Polish deli near me’ on the internet and you’ll easily spot Polish Deli Online. This small family-store located in Manville, New Jersey is another US favorite. 
Started in 1993, you’ll find everything here! From Polish CDs and DVDs, to books and newspapers, cheese and chocolate, canned goods and sweets, and a whole lot more. 
Their varieties of kielbasa and 20 version of pierogi are loved by all their Polish patrons! If you want authentic Polish food, look no further!

6. Bacik

Another New-Jersey-based store, Bacik began operation in Greenpoint Brooklyn in 1991. They offer the ‘finest and freshest’ Polish products in their stores across Eastern USA and online. 

Traditionally cooked products, locally smoked meats, natural jams, homemade horseradish, kapusta kiszona, flaczki wolowe, and almost anything else Polish that you can think of, they have it!

Head over to your local Bacik store or browse online to try their artisanal pierogi and more!

These are the most popular food stores and Polish bakery online in the US. Do you know of any others that should be on this list? Which store is your favorite?

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  1. With Piast: You have to buy food by bundles. You can not buy individual items. The food is good but I don’t have the room for 6 rings of kielbasa or 6 dozen of pierogi.

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