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Best Polish Candy – Top Candy From Poland You Need To Try!

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Two boxes of the best Polish candy on a wooden table.

Take a trip to Poland and you’ll come back with bags full of Polish chocolate candy. But which canndy should you get? Prince Polo? Ptasie Mleczko? Krowka? Michaszki? Here’s the list of the best Polish candy online or in nearby stores to enjoy a sweet taste of Poland! 

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1. Ptasie Mleczko

ptasie mleczko Polish mashmallw chocolate.
Ptasie mleczko is a creamy mashmallow coated in chocolate

Hands down, ptasie mleczko the most famous Polish sweet! Topping the list of any Polish candy online and invented by the Wedel company in the 1930s, these chocolates are exported all over the world! Translating to bird’s milk, they even have a bird in the trademarked logo!

They’re popular gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations. It’s the perfect alternative to gifting wine or making something yourself. The most popular flavor for this marshmallow cream is waniliowe (vanilla). It also comes in other flavors – plain, strawberry, salt, caramel, creamy, and more. 

2. Mieszanka Wedlowska

Mieszanka wedlowska - different flavors of chocolate.
Different flavors of chocolate – Mieszanka wedlowska!

Mieszanka wedlowska are another popular Polish chocolate candy sold by E Wedel. The Wedel brand, started by Karl Wedel in Warsaw, has been producing cakes and chocolates since 1851.

They also make the popular Wedel chocolate that many people consider the national chocolate of Poland. The Wedel brand is now owned by the South Korean Lotte corporation but continues to produce the tastiest Polish candy bars. They also have many chocolate stores in Krakow where you can go to taste chocolate and drink Wedel chocolate. 

The mixed bag of Wedel’s Mieszanka wedlowska candies is the best! It consists of different flavors of chocolate-covered candies – mocha, toffik, pierrot, pomarang, and bajeczny. 

  • Mocha – hot chocolate and coffee flavor
  • Pierrot – peanut butter and chopped peanuts
  • Bajeczny – plain chocolate with bits of puffed wafers
  • Liryk – coffee-flavored white chocolate with chopped almonds
  • Balamutka – shredded coconut
  • Nygusek – licorice-flavored dark jelly with Coco cola
  • Paryski – fruit flavored with a center of cherry/raspberry jelly
  • Manilla -vanilla flavored caramel color

3. Wawel Chocolate Candies (Malaga, Tiki Taki i Kasztanki)

Wawel Tiki Taki Chocolate.
Tiki Taki from Wawel, another Polish household brand!

Founded by Adam Piasecki in Krakow in 1898, it’s another famous brand producing Polish chocolate wafers, candies, and cocoa. The Wawel chocolate candies became famous after a TV commercial Malaga, Tiki taki i Kasztanki. 

The three most popular flavors are Malaga, Tiki Taki, and Kasztanki, which are often sold as a tri-pack, but there are a lot more delicious flavors!

  • Malaga – raisins with Malaga cream that takes on the flavor of the popular Spanish sweet Malaga red wine
  • Tiki Taki- coconut and chocolate
  • Kasztanki – cocoa and crispy wafers
  • Adwokat –  filled with the Dutch Adwokat liquor which is a mix of eggs, sugar, and brandy
  • Banana
  • Agrest – gooseberry pieces and creamy elderberry 
  • Klasyczne – peanut pieces and peanut butter

4. Mieszko Chocolate Candies

Mieszko chocolate candies.
Mieszko chocolate candies

Mieszko is the third most famous Polish chocolate candies brand, popular for their pralines and other chocolates. 

Most of their sweets are alcohol-based and include raspberry and lemon liqueur chocolates, amoretta chocolates, vodka liqueurs, whiskey liqueurs, cherrisimo liqueurs, and more!

The brand also produces popular eucalyptus drops, French truffles, fudge, marzipan filled chocolates, caramel flavored chocolates even their own version of sliwka w czekoladzie. All of the mieszko chocolates are perfect for gifting!

5. Michaszki

michaszki or michalki z wawelu peanut chocolates.
Original and white chocolate flavors of michaszki or michalki z wawelu

We Poles love michaszki or michalki z wawelu, another popular candy from the Wawel brand that’s made of peanuts coated with chocolate.

They come in many different flavors. The original is michalki klascyzne –plain chocolate flavor with peanuts, the others are michalki biale – peanuts in white chocolate, and michalki kokosowe – peanuts in coconut covered with chocolate.

6. Kukułki

packet of Kukulki chocolates.
Kukulki chocolates are flavored with karamel and alcohol

Kukulki are a Polish chocolate that are often served after dinner parties. Made with a soft cocoa filling, these chocolate caramels have a bit of alcohol in them.

These Polish hard candy have a dark brown color with white stripes which make these crispy chocolates very attractive!

7. Krówka

Krowka Polish candy.
Krowka Polish candy

Krowka were invented by Feliks Pomorski in the early 20th century. This one translates to ‘little cow’. The name is apt since this national Polish candy is made using a mixture of butter, sugar, and milk.

But they were really named krówki or krówka because the inventor would wrap them in pieces of paper and draw cows on the top. As the popularity of the candy grew, Feliks started industrializing production but still kept the drawing of the cow on the wrapper.  

Krowki can be creamy or crunchy; and are still made in the factory in Milanowek, Poland to this day. They’re also very easy to make at home too. Try this recipe for crunchy homemade krowka!

8. Draże

Draze skawa candy outside a packet.
Draze skawa candy balls of coconut and chocolate

Draze are small candy balls made of cream that are called draze marynarz. My daughter loves this plain version. However, you’ll also find versions made of coconut with a chocolate coating called draze kokosowe or korsarz. These are my favorite! The nutty coconut flavor contrasting with the smooth coconut is also a favorite of many Poles!

Which of the best Polish candy online are you going to try first? Or if you’ve already had a sweet taste of Poland, which ones are your favorites? Comment and let us know!

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  1. Could you please tell me, If any Polish Company makes “Toffee” and if there are a famous brand leader, a number one Polish toffee, or wrapped candy – toffee, and if so who makes it?

    1. The only ones I know are Pszczółka Toffee or Bałtyk Toffee.
      Other than that, I think Poles either have Tofifee or Krówka.

  2. No niestety…Ptasie Mleczko zrobilo sie gumowe,czekolada hm,hm.Kiedys bylo wspaniale,ale teraz wole Milka .Kazde jedno Ptasie Mleczko z Moldowy jest o wiele lepsze od Wedlowskiego

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